Mary-Kate Olsen Out & About in New York

LOVE the purple handbag. Anyone know who makes it?

In the meantime browse Elizabeth & James Summer Collection HERE. – S x D

~ by stardustandsequins on March 28, 2012.

12 Responses to “Mary-Kate Olsen Out & About in New York”

  1. It’s the purple proenza schouler bag! Love it!

  2. It has body and beauty so that through carelessness you feel well.



    The Stylistbook | Street Fashion Blog

  3. The purple bag is Really Great!

    Giveaway on my Blog

  4. Very much I love purple. Especially, love it in the accessories.


  5. simple and perfect

  6. always awesome

  7. This style put in the t-shirt inside only in front is tipical of italian mens.

    Lovely OUTFIT.

    Today you can check my LOUIS VUITTON Outfit in BMW Welt:

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  8. love the colour of the bag!


  9. Casually cool.

  10. Liking her hints of gold jewellery

    Rianna x

  11. I think that this girl needs to gain some weight badly, she looks shes strung out. That outfit would look good on anyone else, but on her i think everything makes her look strung out.

  12. She always happens to be looking strung out in the city. For some odd reason. Im sorry if that offends anyone that likes mary kate, but you can tell her sister looks much healthier then she does, and would look better in the above outfit theres nothing wrong with the above outfit i like the outfit, id rather see it on her sister because her sister looks healthier. Im all for healthy looking people.

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