Mary-Kate Molds Fashion Trends.. before they Happen!

Such an icon, along with her twin sister Ashley Olsen. – S x D

See more of MK’s Best here and here and here.



~ by stardustandsequins on January 13, 2012.

14 Responses to “Mary-Kate Molds Fashion Trends.. before they Happen!”

  1. I love Mary Kate, she always looks so relaxed and chic. I take inspiration from her alot. The only look here I don’t like is the denim shorts that make her legs look so short. I really like the second photo!



  2. so obsessed with mk&a that it’s not even funny. xx

  3. we all wish we were mary kate!


  4. Mary-Kate is really stylish!

  5. I love how she tailors every trend to suit her personal style.


  6. Such a hot hippy :)


  7. Love their style! They are always ahead of the game and I love how they dress for themselves, and wear what they love.

  8. my favorite!

  9. Stunning

  10. Stunning. Such great and unique looks!

  11. That is why I so love her!

  12. I love MK


  13. I disappointed her style…

  14. I love the olsen twins!!
    Hope u have a look on my blog or on the face page:

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