Coffee, Crows, Cigarettes and Crochet

Which photo is your favorite? Can you guess mine? – S x D



~ by stardustandsequins on November 14, 2011.

11 Responses to “Coffee, Crows, Cigarettes and Crochet”

  1. your : coffee
    mine: coffee too! :D

  2. Well my favorite is the crow one, because its just such ana amazing idea.
    I think your picture is the coffee one? I donk know why, it just seems more like you :)

  3. smokin crow!

  4. OMG the crow is hilarious!Are you turning into a modern pirat with a pet-bird haha?

  5. the smoking crow, what an epic picture :D

  6. the coffee one makes me feel so good! Is it your favorite? But have to admit the smoking crow is awesome!!! And I love crows, they are such amazing and, yet, misunderstood little creatures, aren’t they?

  7. Awww, poor crow. Needs to kick that habit!

    I like the white shorts. Cute :)

  8. That 2nd pic is insane and very cool!

  9. i really like the smoking crow,i have no idea why tho :)
    really like the pictures on your blog :)

  10. LOVE Whitney Port!! Great post!

    Check out my fashion blog…


  11. That short is to die for! ♥

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