i-Phone Cases?

Spotted this one online. I love the bright pink and orange and the celestial design.

– S x D


~ by stardustandsequins on October 25, 2011.

9 Responses to “i-Phone Cases?”

  1. thats really cool! where did you find it? :)

  2. wow i’m so late and really need an iphone just to rock this.

  3. Those cases are for real!

    Zero Dramas

  4. where’d you find these? i totally want one!

  5. where do i get one?

  6. Beautiful print, it looks like faded watercolours mixed together. And the colour palette is very interesting too. Where did you found it? :)


  7. Ohhh this is gorgeous!

  8. I love this!! So pretty!

  9. I love the colors in this.

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