Dress Up

It’s Sunday night. What are you up to? I’m playing dress up in my closet. – S x D



~ by stardustandsequins on March 13, 2011.

14 Responses to “Dress Up”

  1. Frida! Swedish export at its best<3

  2. loveeeee this

  3. love, love, love this. Sunday night is a great night for dress up and closet re-organizing.

    TheStylist LA

  4. love this… so fun



  5. love this!


  6. it’s going toooo fast!!
    haha I need to see the details bc it’s so great!

  7. Looks like fun!!!

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  8. heyy i love the dressup entry …its fun

    visit me

  9. This is really coool….


  10. Love your dress up play. Just like we played with paper dolls as little girls :-)


  11. The animation is genious…it’s kind of the speed I go at when I’m about to go out and I don’t know what to wear…♥

  12. this is such a cool post love it

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  13. this is so cool!

  14. I love this! love love love!


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