Alba at Organic Cafe in NY

I hated her shoes so I cropped them out. I really want her sweater though.

It’s the perfect color and right amount of chunky knit. – S x D




~ by stardustandsequins on February 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “Alba at Organic Cafe in NY”

  1. she is pretty even when she refuses to smile. We love her for it!

  2. I love her scarf. Jessica Alba is so pretty!!

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  3. lol jessica dont call me latina alba :) Gorgeous.

  4. Gosh she’s gorgeous, even as a brunette. I thought she would look so weird without her gorgeous blonde waves but this look suits her so much!

  5. wow she is flawless

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  6. That scarf is ammmaaaazing! I might need to make that happen :)

  7. Yea, her sweater is great! I’m also loving her hair!


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