YSL On My Finger

Gaudy gold and sea blue nails. Perfect little combination! – S x D


~ by stardustandsequins on January 16, 2011.

21 Responses to “YSL On My Finger”

  1. I have the exact same ring :)

    fashion illustrations: Illustrated-Moodboard.com 

  2. fantastic! That’s exactly the one I want! Lucky you to have that!


  3. love the ring, i have the one with the orange stone, i could say that i prefer yours. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I still love the YSL oval ring, in fact i want in dark blue. Pretty picture. besos.

  5. i’ve been wanting that ysl ring for ages! love it when your blog posts come up on my rss reeder! check out my blog and if you like it, i’d really appreciate it if you followed me back!


  6. It is the perfect combination. The ring is beautiful.


  7. what color nail polish? i’m in love

  8. so jealous ;D

  9. i adore the ring and the nail polish


  10. YSL’s on everyone’s finger nowadays. God I wish I could get one



  11. mermaid-ish

  12. really nice ring. I know someone who has it in red, really nice

  13. Love it! I have the coral one but that turquoise one is so much better.

  14. I love that ring. YSL arty. <3

  15. AMAZING!!!!


  16. which color of nail polish is that? it’s so pretty, like a sky blue sea foam combo.


  17. Definitely perfect

  18. As Rachel Zoe would say your blog is so “Major”. Please take the time to check out ours. Snob is about all that is fashion! The good, the bad and the ugly… The amazing, the shocking and the scandalous!
    Example of a basic HERE

  19. i wish i had one <3 amazing.

  20. aaaaah! i have been eying that ring for so long! <3 YSL! GORGEOUS!

  21. Gorgeous combo…makes me want to pick up “For Audrey” & polish my nails!!!

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