Black Swan

I want to see this REALLY bad! – S x D



~ by stardustandsequins on December 28, 2010.

14 Responses to “Black Swan”

  1. It is AMAZING. Which I am sure you have heard from everyone by now, haha. I am surprised the mother in the movie is not getting more recognition, her character was great too. You should go see it asap!

  2. It’s SO good! You must see it!

  3. i would really like to see this movie,and soon!:)

  4. I heard it amazing! I wanna see too.

  5. just wish there had been a little more dancing and less sex, but it was good.


  6. it was soooo good!

  7. Go see it :P You are missing out otherwise!

  8. I heard it is amazing I am seeing it tonight can not wait!

  9. OMG This movie is really good. BTW. Random question, where did you get such good pictures from the movie?

  10. This movie looks so good! I want to see it so bad.

  11. It´s sooo good. Really good acting.. and Natalie has always been a favourite of mine. Especially in Leon. And in this one she is amazing. See it soon!
    Thanks for inspiration! I also have a blog.. with pictures and music that inspires me. Check it out:
    // Mia

  12. wants to see this

  13. The movie was fantastic! Thrilling and edgy :) If you get the chance to, def try to see it.

  14. If you haven’t already, you must! It is beyond words to say how great this film is!

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