Ryan & Marissa

World’s CUTEST Couple. Damn I miss that show. – S x D



~ by stardustandsequins on December 1, 2010.

16 Responses to “Ryan & Marissa”

  1. christ i agree… OC ftw

  2. yes! never gets old. i’m in the middle of rewatching it all again & i still love it so much.

  3. I agree, i love the re-runs!

  4. I totally agree, best couple EVER♥ I love this photoshoot of them! xx

  5. me too! I was obsessed!


    p.s. do you really have snow falling on your screen right now?!? I WANT!

  6. Always miss the O.C. this time of year with Chrismukkah being just around the corner!

  7. they WERE the TV world’s cutest couple. ahh..how i miss them and that show too.

  8. so sweet


  9. damn I miss Mischa when she was all lovely and cute


  10. marissa looks soo pretty here. is that a ribbon or scarf in her hair?
    how are you getting all the sparkles/snow falling on your site? it’s such a gorgeous feature

  11. I know the miss the summer of the oc. And the fantastic winter episodes too!

    RyanXMarrisa forever.
    SethxSummer forever.

    ahh feels like 2003-2004 again.

  12. I was literally just watching this show yesterday. I’m obsessed. When Marissa died, I had to stop watching because it hurt too much.

  13. Oh how I loved them!

  14. She is GORGEOUS! I still watch the O.C-regardless if I’ve seen them 64848 times

  15. I LOVE Ryan-Marissa. I wish the OC never ended – best show evvvvvver!


  16. cute


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