Lace, Braids & Fur

Crushing hArddddd! – S x D

cobrasnake, weheartit

~ by stardustandsequins on November 23, 2010.

9 Responses to “Lace, Braids & Fur”

  1. love that braid!

  2. amazing braid and the outfit on the second pictur eis great! I am following with boglovin dear cause I love your blog! Those Balmain on the header drive me crazy!

  3. I love braids !!


  4. The braid makes me wish for long hair again! I love the messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed braids we’ve been seeing everywhere this season. These are some great shots! Thanks for sharing ;)

    Memento Vivere (translated: remember to live)


  5. WOW! I want that shirt! Do you have any idea where it is from??

    I love your blog by the way

  6. love these pictures!! if you love vintage clothing at all please come and visit us!!


  7. who is the girl on the first picture? does she have a blog?

  8. who is the girl with the t-shirt on? does she have a blog?

  9. Ok I am freaking out over the feather tattoo!!!! WOAH! just got one this summer… hers is amazing

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