Girls are Obsessed with Hair

Happy Friday, everyone! – S x D

weheartit, tfs


~ by stardustandsequins on November 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Girls are Obsessed with Hair”

  1. I guess you’re right. Girls are obsessed with hair :)


  2. i love hair!!! and who is that last picture of- she’s gorgeous!!

  3. so true! god these are making me want to grow mine out and make it look like rapunzel’s!

  4. Beautiful girls! |

  5. oh yes they are obsessed!! I have no patience to let them become very long, so I seek inspiration for shorter do’s like Victoria Beckham’s bob back in 2006 or Alexa’s Chung haircut!

  6. Yeah I need some supermodel hair! Who is the girl in the last picture???

  7. All of these shots = much needed inspiration for the weekend!

  8. who is the girl in the last picture? please dont tell me thats you.. or ill die. She is absolutely beautiful.

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