Traveling Bohemians

The fedora on Erika and long skirt on Lindsey really blend well, they both look so effortlessly chic.

These photos struck me as so New York City in the 40’s. Very Frank Sinatra era. – S x D

images via fashionchalet


~ by stardustandsequins on July 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “Traveling Bohemians”

  1. Both of them look so fabulous, xoxo

  2. Lindsey’s outfit is so pretty…the shoes are amazing <3

  3. very pretty!

  4. Erika looks like she’s from NY, the flip flop casual loook reminds me of Reese Witherspoon and Nicky Hilton. Lindsey reminds me of Charlotte York. – Dana

  5. So sweet Thank you! :) xx

  6. Thanks for posting this! We had such a blast that day.. love ur site! stay in touch xoxo L

  7. i love the fedora and the maxi skirt. two of my favorite summer trends!

  8. Hey you have great blog, I just found it :) Keep in touch! xx

  9. I love how complimentary their outfits are! It looks like a very chic editorial spread. Dying over both of their bags. Love, A

  10. LOVE Erika!!!

  11. Both of you look effortlessly stylish!

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