Dawn before Twilight

Before Bella. I must be the only person on the planet who has NOT SEEN Twilight or read it either. AM I? – S x D

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~ by stardustandsequins on June 6, 2010.

19 Responses to “Dawn before Twilight”

  1. I just started the book now. I’m only in Chapter 1 but so far, so good. She hasn’t formerly talked to the infamous Vampire beau yet, though. After I finish I will rent the movie and see. :)


  2. wow she actually looks really good and trendy

  3. never read the books, nor care to pick it up anytime in the future. saw the first movie just for laughs with a friend…got sooo many death stares from the die hard fans

  4. I read the books and I liked them, even if it isn’t the greatest series ever. I Saw the first two movies, and was very disappointed. So I won’t go see the three one remaining. no thanks.

  5. i havent seen it either nor read the book. i thought i was the only person :) but i am determined to watch the movie in summer.


  6. I’ve never read the books, I have a feeling I would either a) want to barf and start hating all my friends for reading such a stupid book or b) go on a Twilight binge and become enamored and start fantasizing about Edward. I like how pretty she looks in these, she is so so bland in the movies.

  7. I wouldn’t have but my friends wanted me to so I saw twilight. your not missing anything

  8. trust me, honey, you’re not!

  9. I wish she were a better actress. I love her hair in that last pic.

  10. wow very pretty.

  11. never read or seen the movies, dont feel left out :)

  12. Maybe she should just stick to being a model. :))

  13. beauty with no equal ;)

  14. love that first pic.

  15. In the second picture she looks just flawless.

  16. she’s so beautiful & i think she has the most feminine look ever but pity that she doesn’t seem to like the romantic look i think she prefers edgy/abstract fashion more?

  17. She looks fu&king amazing in these photos.

  18. You’re not the only one. I just do not see the appeal. Every generation seems to go through the vampire stage and I’m sick of it!


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