Vampires have Feelings Too

Lindsay Lohan

Alexa Chung

Blair Waldorf, if she went Goth.

Black cats are good luck.

Burning candles on the sidewalk.

Floral docs.

Dancing dolls.

Kim Kardashian in pink lipstick and black hair.

Lara Stone ponders life.

Magdalena Frackowiak in St. Tropez.

Lily Donaldson is all tied up.

Just wishing it were already Friday. – S x D

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~ by stardustandsequins on April 30, 2010.

8 Responses to “Vampires have Feelings Too”

  1. Lindsay and Kim do look Vampire – like. Love the post! :)


  2. Beautiful photos!!
    I follow your blog.

  3. love all that big hair, & that last photo is amazing
    lindsay lohan can be so so pretty it’s quite sad how things have turned out for her :(

  4. wow kim looks gorgeous in that photo

  5. that lara stone pics is one of my favourites of hers ever. so gorgeous and a bit spooky…

  6. Kind of wish Blair went goth – oooh that would be awesome. Kim looks gorgeous, more dramatic than usual. Nice post :) love the title hehe :)

  7. The burning candles phot is actually a personal photo from my blog, so if you’re going to use it, atleast give my blog credit at the end. Not to mention they’re not on a sidewalk, & are actually in memory of the Armenian Genocide.

    Tad bit disrespectful.

  8. Kim looks a little like Jen Brill there

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