I will Never be Caught Crying

Dance, drink champagne, giggle with a good friend, watch a favorite movie or just smile at a stranger. – S x D

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~ by stardustandsequins on April 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “I will Never be Caught Crying”

  1. The first and third photos are my favorite =)

    Hilary Rhoda looks like a Gorgeous Vampire in that editorial.

    Danny Devito + Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor? RANDOM! LOL!


  2. Fun photos!!

  3. i’ve always thought hilary rhoda looks a little manly but she looks so sexy in here!
    cloudships <3

  4. Great advice at the end there… I think I will!

  5. nice selection!!!

  6. I love the first photo and the 3rd to last the best :) Her fair skin looks so stunning in that purple top! great post!


  7. Love your pics collection! And I love the hopeful message your passing :))

  8. I love the way you mix inspiration images.
    They are all so diverse but create a great story together!

    Madeleine Louise

  9. These are really great!
    Seriously good blog

    17mosslane.blogspot.com xx

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