Eighties Revival

I want it back, I miss the cheesy sitcoms, great movie plots and bad hair days turned cool. – S x D

Markus Jans, tumblr


~ by stardustandsequins on April 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “Eighties Revival”

  1. Wow love your blog, just found it actually but i can’t believe i haven’t found it before! All your posts are very inspirational and i hope you’ll find mine the same :)

  2. oh these are so inspiring; that lv stockings’ to die for <3

  3. the pants in the 1st pic are mad! love them as the shoes! i love the 2nd LV tights, just thinking what I do if I they get a hole? I would probably cry.

  4. The tights in the second pic have been haunting me for months now.
    They are simpy perfect.
    And the pants in the first pic are beautiful as well.


  5. I love first pic….and tights of second!*

    Visit my new blog of my illustrations, I hope ypu like it!*



  6. The LV tights are amazing <33

  7. omg lv tights! love them =)

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