Gypsies and their Gypsy Magic!

Add a little Bohemia into your look to achieve easy Gypsy status. Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Moss can lead the way. – S x D

tfs, google/images


~ by stardustandsequins on April 18, 2010.

8 Responses to “Gypsies and their Gypsy Magic!”

  1. GRETA CONCEPT! love all of the images (that Kate Moss ed. is one of my favorites!) and you’re so right on MK dressing like a Gypsy! :)


  2. I love the pics of the Olsen twins…. must have been years ago… and I had to think of Shakira’s “Gypsy” song while reading this post. Well done!

  3. i adore the gypsy style!

    xoxo cla

  4. i am in love with your blog you are on my favorite blogs list!!!
    keep it up!!!

  5. love this. I miss the old MK style, cross between a homeless dude and gypsy. thanks for the reminder.

  6. Okay, This helped. Only this last photo. I’m being a Gypsy for Halloween, and trying to find out what I should buy. Thanks! This helped! :)

  7. Nobody in Romani culture would be allowed to wear clothes like that! I understand the romantic imagery, but as a person of Romanichal origin, I really feel we ought to be moving away from these stereotypes and embracing reality.

  8. The photos are well done! The gypsy aura intrigues me. Right on

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