Swim Swim

When your Tuesday is long, and grey just swim, swim, swim through it. – S x D

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~ by stardustandsequins on April 14, 2010.

13 Responses to “Swim Swim”

  1. Beautiful post and words!

  2. omg i loveeee these photos!!!

  3. thats absolutely beautiful. i love underwater shoots. this is ALL going into my inspired folder!

  4. holy moly. I wish I had the ability to take pictures like these. they are too gorgeous for words

  5. Floating Hair, floating dresses – water is really beautiful.

  6. these are fantastic – great inspiration for me!
    thanks for sharing!


  7. i think i saw these on another blog ninunina.com whos the photographer they are wonderful photos!

  8. these are amazing! makes me wonder how they shoot such gorgeous photos underwater

  9. These are incredible! x

  10. i love these pics!!

  11. I remember seeing the 4th and 5th one on ANTM i think hehe! so cool, love the pictures!

  12. these photos are beautiful and much like a dream. what a great way to start the day, love the post.

  13. so obsessed with underwater shots.
    loving the blog
    stop by some time xx

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