Step Back

NO Magazine

Willa Holland

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor + The Cobrasnake

Admire. – S x D

lookcloser, tfs, skullset


~ by stardustandsequins on April 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Step Back”

  1. Pleeeeaaase somone give me a hair like the girl on the last photo have :(

  2. I love the Willa Holland pictures, they’re so lively.

  3. i swear i think kaya is the british verison of willa holland. they look they could be sisters or something!

    and i love the long hair in the last photo!

  4. This post could have been called “Good Hair.” What lucky girls!

  5. Brilliant post. Loved Willa on GG this week, except she was a tad *too* mean, poor little J.


  6. an awesome collection of some of my favourite people!

  7. nice pic and i like ur blog

    visit mine and leaves some comments


  8. love the first pic

  9. I love love that last picture

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