Freja in a Box

Pretty times four. Freja owns it in black. – S x D

via Erika via via tfs


~ by stardustandsequins on March 28, 2010.

11 Responses to “Freja in a Box”

  1. She is such a beauty…

  2. god she is just sooo stunning. i miss her long hair!!

  3. PRetty pretty!

  4. aw she looks so cute with her long hair. but i love her short hair, it makes her so much edgier!!

  5. Oh you posted it. YAy! :)


  6. wow she is so amazing…

    xoxo cla

  7. this girl is so beautiful!

    one of my favs!

  8. Like her hair <3

  9. iLOVE this girl!!*

    Visit my blog!>:-)


  10. freja with long hair?! i don’t hate, but i love her with short hair. so sexy and cute.

  11. awesome find!

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