Dark Knightress

Bundling up for Winter in tights, yarns and knits also lead to packing on 8 unwanted extra pounds. I want to get rid of the pesky extras. Any tips? Ok so I weight 110 now not a big deal but I like my stomach flat at 102…. – S x D



~ by stardustandsequins on March 28, 2010.

11 Responses to “Dark Knightress”

  1. how tall are you? then i might be of some help

  2. 5’1″

  3. I drink more water in place of bad (fast food snacks) and upgrade to fresh fruits and veggies. And bike at least 3x a week for 20-30 minutes. ;)

    GORGEOUS pics!


  4. Love the pics, but I don’t really like the model…
    the same expression on each photo?
    although love the lace in the last one…

  5. Hmmm…It would help to know how tall you are, but any cardio exercise (running, cycling, skipping rope, elliptical crosstrainer etc.) helps burn fat and you can work on your tummy with any ab exercise meant for that. Just google some tips or maybe try going to this website bodyrock.tv and do some workout routines showed there. Hope it helps :)

  6. The “Broken” tights are so gorgeous, I love them!


  7. i love those tights, especially the broken ones but lace is hot too!! just try to be happy with who you are is my advice :)

  8. love those tights. sorta look like rodarte.

    check out my blog. (:


  9. Cut out sugars and cut back on carbs for a bit! That’s where most of the extra weight comes from, I’m told. I love these tights– like the commenter above me, they reminded me of Rodarte too.

  10. I so relate–I know firmly believe boyfriend jeans are bad for the hips. So I just read all the helpful suggestions :) p.s. I love the model’s hair–so wild and cool!


  11. she;s so beautiful!

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