An Interview with: Fashion Chalet / pt. 2

I recently had the chance to grab a few free moments of busy blogger Erika’s time. I sent her some questions which she promptly printed out, filled by hand, and scanned back to me. I hope you’ll enjoy the rap session as much as I did. You can check out Erika’s blog >> Fashion Chalet << for more style posts, insight and inspiration. You can also check out the first interview she did with me >> here. << – S x D

all images- fashionchalet and jak&jil


~ by stardustandsequins on March 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “An Interview with: Fashion Chalet / pt. 2”

  1. Thanks. I had fun. You asked cool Q’s. Ps. Love the collage you made of me. *Am saving it as we speak* & I just updated my blog and linked it in the text. ;)


  2. Amazing interview..

  3. Great post! I love Fashion Chalet- she’s amazing and her style is so fresh… thanks for sharing! xx

  4. Such a great idea, girls!! Thanks for taking Erika up on this Cameron :)

    and P.S for the question, favourite Candy bar…i read the answer too quickly (payday :)) and i thought the question was favourite day? I LOL’d OMGOSH hahah!!! also,. cause Payday isn’t candy on the candy bar front in Mtl…not even sure if it’s available ;) xx

  5. I like the balloons will check out her blog

  6. Hi there – love your blog. Found you via Fashion Chalet. And love the balloons!


  7. Loved the interview :D

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