Cakes and Champagne Sunday

Amanda Norgaard having cocktails at the W hotel. – S x D

patrickmcmullan tfs


~ by stardustandsequins on February 28, 2010.

13 Responses to “Cakes and Champagne Sunday”

  1. Love the shots!!

  2. These are so cool…aw now I want a glass of champagne…
    thanks for sharing

  3. wow, their makeup is beautiful!

  4. Cupcakes look yummy and the girlies look beautiful!



  5. My jewelry fantasies summed up in that last shot. Love, love, love these photos.

  6. Hehe, how has no one commented on how ridiculous these girls’ faces are? I mean, how many glasses of champagne had they had BEFORE this shot?

    That being said, those cuppycakes look YUMMY!

  7. Love her nails colors!

  8. Those rings are killers!

    ANd the cupcake, yummy. What a fab life…;;)


  9. SO PRETTY <3


  10. that first shot is way cute! i’m way missing nyc life now, haha

  11. Who wants cupcakes?!? I know I do. What sweet photos!


  12. Still looking amazing whilst devouring a cupcake.

  13. looks so fun.

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