Say a little Prayer for Me

In all the Epic-ness that is Chanel, clogs, an old Church and Bianca Balti for Numéro #110 shot by Camilla Akrans. – SxD



~ by stardustandsequins on February 7, 2010.

9 Responses to “Say a little Prayer for Me”

  1. Loved this set!!

  2. these are so great

    tallulah morton

  3. Oh me too. I am so excited to get my Chanel-a-like clogs by way of JC sooooon!

    Bianca Balti is so gorge, no!? :)


  4. the third one down is especially gorgeous.

  5. yes fashion chalet (my shoe twin)!! loves!
    this editorial is f***ing amazing!

  6. i think my favorite part is the flying insect on her arm in the first frame. though, most all of them are stunning.

    alice d.

  7. I really like the everything about this shoot

  8. great pics!

  9. Love these photos! Great shoot.

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