Brittany Murphy Passes Away :-(

RIP. :*-( Only 32 years old!?!?! – S x D



~ by stardustandsequins on December 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “Brittany Murphy Passes Away :-(”

  1. That is terrible! I just heard via your blog! She was so young. I loved her in the movie “Uptown Girls.”

  2. That was terrible :( such a loss!

  3. This is so strange. I really enjoy watching Brittany’s movies, but it’s not like she was ever someone that I had on my mind. Then, just last night I randomly decided to make a list of my favorite DVDs (prompted by my husband calling me from the rental place and asking me if I wanted anything). Here’s the strange part, in addition to some fairly heavy movies and dramas that were on my list(i.e., 7 Pounds, Schindler’s List, etc.), I suddenly thought of Brittany Murphy, and just how much I’ve enjoyed her movies: “Just Married”, “Little Black Book” and “Clueless”. Anyway, from there I decided to make up a list of my fave celebs…and again I named her as my favorite comedian. She’s definately one of those people that make you smile whenever you think of her. Although I have to admit that I never thought of her unless watching her movies and/or reading something in the tabloids. I guess that’s why it was extra shocking to learn of her passing. I’m glad I had that little connection with Brittany Murphy last night. I just wish that I didn’t have to hear the news of her passing away today. May she rest in peace and may God be with her family as they go through this extremely difficult time. My prayers are with them all!

  4. RIP Brittany Murphy


  5. Carrie, whata coincidence. Just last week I had the craving to see The Ramen Girl again. I love Brittany in that movie so much, in fact it’s my favorite of hers. I also really like the way she acts and dresses in Love & Other Disasters. And who can forget her voice in Happy Feet!?!! It’s such a sad loss. I feel so much for her family now in this time of mourning. May she rest in peace.

    Thanks for the commemorative post, Cameron. <3


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