When the Holidays come around I feel more lost than cheerful. Is this weird? Even my closest friends and parents do not know this. I paste on a fake smile and hop myself up on sugar to hide the pain. I am not suicidal, I value life and it’s surprises far too much. I just feel unmotivated, tired, listless, and cry for no real reasons. I become hyper-sensitive. And above all, I want to be alone… – S x D

fashion-canvas, scoop


~ by stardustandsequins on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lost….”

  1. i seriously feel the same way it’s really weird! i don’t know why!

  2. LOVE this photo. feel ya about the holidays. social/familial obligations are the worst. but maybe someday they’ll be there when you really need them.

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