Is She Lykke Li?

GG art on wall

Can you help us out?? Erika recently tweeted about wanting to know whose image this was and of who? It’s so Godlike. I really want to know myself now.

Can you tell us? – S x D

Fashion Chalet screencapped it from Gossip girl last night.

~ by stardustandsequins on November 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Is She Lykke Li?”

  1. Great idea to blog about this. Should have thought about it myself lol :) thanks, let me know if anyone answers!!! :)


  2. I have no idea, but the picture is a bit creepy to me. =)

  3. It’s from editorial story TALK TO HER by Ruvan

  4. not a lykke li…. but beautiful.
    You are stunning as well my dear! love the blog… got yourself some new fans in San Francisco. xx

  5. its actually my friend, shes american dutch, shes with IMG in NY :)
    her name is Allegra Carpenter :) :)
    cool girl !!

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