Night Mask

Night Mask-hm

October 31st can’t wait. I want something like this, definitely want the mask aspect. – SxD


~ by stardustandsequins on September 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Night Mask”

  1. i like the way her eyeliner’s drawn! and whenever i see this kind of masks i always envision a masquerade ball, lols

  2. so gorgeous

  3. I am Bri. I design the Fashion Institute of Design & Merch’s magazine twice a year.

    This time around the theme is…..

    B L O G G I N G !

    I am looking for a
    C O V E R G I R L
    and i think you would be a great candidate!

    There is heavy influence on street style fashion.

    You could use this as a free resource to drive more traffic to your blog, considering this magazine is sent out all over the world to fashion alumni!!

    I want the feeling to be hip, yet sophisticated, and have the feeling of a high end fashion magazine.



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