Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Sienna topshop

Outfit #1: I love the pants, shoes and bag. Don’t know who they’re all by though. Do you?

Outfit #2: Sienna Miller in Topshop.

S x D


~ by stardustandsequins on August 28, 2009.

13 Responses to “Sienna Miller”

  1. the pants are topshop and the bag is ysl but i don’t know the rest…

    she looks amazing in both.

  2. I think the pants on top are also Topshop she wore it on Alexa Chung!! And the heels maybe Alexander Wang? Thanks for the bag “ID” Cindy, looooove YSL. :)


  3. the bag is the YSL besace messenger, and gosh i have wanted it so desperately for over a year, she is so rocking it. great post!

  4. Topshop + YSL + Alexander Wang = kid in a candy store

  5. Leopard Print Hareem Trousers ($70)- Topshop
    Lace Crop Top ($55)- Topshop
    Alexander Wang’s Racquel Wrapped Pumps

  6. I love her but I’m not really feeling this dress…


  7. Sienna has such a unique style, I LOVE it. Check out this outfit..what do you think?

  8. The pants and bag are lovely, but she walks like a dude.. lol

  9. She’s only like 25 right? She’s so worldly already.

  10. i wish the bag was topshop too

  11. the lace shirt thing is topshop too

  12. Love the first outfit, but I’m not quite sure if I”m feeling the shoes or not. The second would be fine if she was near a beach, but I think it’s not really city appropriate (I know most ‘normal’ people would get dissed for wearing flip flops anywhere but the beach). She looks great in both though.

  13. She has yet to disappoint me.

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