Running Free



No job, no car, no money; material possessions. What really matters is just love that is between all of us, peace and happiness; not war not selfish acts of unkindness. Accept others for who they are, you can’t change anybody but yourself, act wisely and others will learn from you and follow in those same footsteps. Be free from what constrains us. – S x D

Wildfox, yayeveryday

~ by stardustandsequins on July 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Running Free”

  1. Wow, beautiful quote! Btw, what is the name of that gorgeous lady? I’ve seen her on the Cobrasnake before, and I was wondering who she was.

  2. We know exacly what your talking about!!!

  3. I agree. I love your blog.

  4. So true! Great post.

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