In Memory… Michael, you will be missed!


A true legend. An innovative creator.  – SxD

And a playlist Erika of FashionChalet put together for me in Memory of the KING of POP… Michael Jackson. Thanks, Erika. I know this is a tough day for you…. for all of us……

Song TitleWhy

Cry Perfect for right now, we must be positive. Change this world, make it a better place, as Michael would have wanted.

Thriller Life is meant to be cherished, enjoyed. Dance to the beat, let the music move you.

Stranger in Moscow Lulu introduced me to this one, via her blog. I have it on repeat right now. Very moving..

Billie Jean It’s a classic!

Will You Be There I listened to this over and over on my Walkman riding my bike around the neighborhood, as a kid, singing along (out loud!)

Black or White Amazing song, and video. The words are right! We have to love one another…. :)

I hope you take the time to listen to my playlist and remember Michael for who he was..

A true Angel in the airwaves….. xoxo, Erika

~ by stardustandsequins on June 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “In Memory… Michael, you will be missed!”

  1. Thanks for having patience with my answering your Q’s this will be a tough week/weekend. I’m happy to share my favorite and most cherished Michael J. songs with your readers. <3

  2. Great photos in the montage Cameron and wonderful song choices Erika he will sadly be missed : (

    cat ! x

  3. r.i.p. michael and i need to hear some of the more rare songs thanks you guys!

  4. RIP : – (

    I like remember the time, beat it, and thriller!

  5. RIP Michael. He was a true star.

  6. heartbreaking words and tune. reminds me a lil of damien rice.

  7. RIP Michael Jackson. he will be missed. I still can’t believe it.

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