June is for Pretty Things . . .






Daria Werbowy. Vogue Paris. Chanel. Tallulah Morton. Kissing. Boyfriends. Coffee stops in the middle of the night. Beaches. Waves crashing onto Shore. I like uncombed hair. Waking up in the afternoon. Allowing new friendships to begin. – SxD



~ by stardustandsequins on June 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “June is for Pretty Things . . .”

  1. Those are really good photos. Keep posting some. =D

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    Good luck with your site! Looks really good so far!


  2. love the pics! they make me wish I could only have a relaxing summer

  3. I cant get over how pretty tallulah is.

  4. How fab! I love your philosophy.

  5. amen to tallulah! and uncombed hair is love!

  6. Oh wow! What breathtaking photos! I love them!!

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