Life is Long pt. II


All the things a girl could ask for. We only live once, in this particular “shell” which we are given. Why not spend, splurge and have fun? – SxD

Source??? thefashionspot, cartoonstyles, knightcat, amarillo


~ by stardustandsequins on May 24, 2009.

13 Responses to “Life is Long pt. II”

  1. Here,here. I agree with that all the way.

  2. life aint long enough dear.
    trust me.

    very beautiful photos though. I especially like the top one, you have those sad poetic eyes.


  3. the 5th and 6th shots are awesome

  4. They just keep getting better…… I loooove this! :)


  5. the last girl, i know her! shes living in the same city like me

  6. American Apparel I wish :) blushes, thanks!


  7. Amazing! I’m so obsessed with wildfox couture lately…their photos are always so interesting!

  8. i seriously am in love with all of these photos- and i LOVE your philosophy!! ;)


  9. these are such inspiring images, thanks for posting!

  10. stunning!!

  11. I totally agree. Great photos!!

  12. i like the background of the pic nr 4, doll!

  13. Each girl is so beautiful

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