Life is Long


Life is Long. Life is Crazy. Life is Short. Life is Unexpected. Life is Stressful. Life is Blissful. Life is… well, it just is. Be Wild. – SxD

Source??? thefashionspot wildfoxcouture


~ by stardustandsequins on May 23, 2009.

8 Responses to “Life is Long”

  1. really like this :) did you make it?

  2. amazing inspiration!!!! I love what you say about Life, it’s all so true and perfectly expressed!!! I love these pictures! x

  3. This is great Cameron! I love the kissing in the rain image and the last one of the girl in the greenery all dressed up with somewhere to go!

  4. all of these are amazing!

  5. this is amazing inspiration!

  6. so so perfect for summer! x

  7. gorgeous! the first one looks like rachel bilson, and the third the girl from the city…


  8. ah! these are glorious, thanks for sharing♥


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