Mondays are meant for relaxing. Not stressing. Soak in the day. Start your Summer vacay. –SxD
Maya Bird


~ by stardustandsequins on May 18, 2009.

10 Responses to “Self-Portrait”

  1. …and you!

  2. gorgeous. love that feather;)

  3. Amazing, love this feather and the coat!! This photo is just brilliant, love the textured feel!!! And this cigarette pose rocks every time!! x

  4. Gorgeous! It’s brilliant yea. You look like a rocky!

  5. wow you look amazing! i’ve just bought a coat like that off ebay, weel hopefully it’s like that and not one of those horrible ebay mistakes!

  6. Wow, how cool is that!

  7. that feather is too cool! did you make it? I gotta get one.

  8. incredible! I thought it was out of a magazine until I scrolled up to see the title.
    would love to swap:

  9. This is one of the most gorgeous and intriguing self-portraits I have seen in a long time. LOVES IT! Mwhaa x0x0 Lusty

  10. And here i am on january 2010, found your pic thought it was from fashion mag =D Awesome !

    Wheres the 2010 version ? lol

    Rox on \m/

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