Erika of fashionchalet impressed me with her latest fashion photo shoot editorial. Follow her blog here. SxD

You can check out the interview she did with me a while ago here and another interview coming soon.


~ by stardustandsequins on May 12, 2009.

27 Responses to “Epic!”

  1. thank you Honey! :)


  2. i like that first image so much and the second just gets better will check her blog cant believe i hadn’t seen it before ? gracie.

  3. HER
    wow :)

    i will definitely be following from now on (:

  4. i love Erikaaaa :)
    can’t wait for the next outfit she posts or the interview with you that is coming up soon. yay.

    Cat! x

  5. what is so epic about a shirt dress and boots?

  6. annette have you taken a look at the quality of the images, her model body or the fact that she CAN pull off a shirt dress with boots? just sayin’…..

  7. the hair blows me away
    but then I see the legs
    i’m left green with JEALOUSY but not in a bitchy mean way I mean that I love it. thnx for sharing her blog with us.

  8. Love Erika! she is like one of the few people who responds too literally everyone that comments on her blog–shes super sweet and incredibly stylish and that is why fashion chalet is such a success!

    and this shoot was mind blowing–she looks phenomenal

  9. model beauty? LOL

  10. Annette, I said BODY can you read? Come to mention it, beauty too. Somebody’s jealous. I love how you’re anonymous. I’m LOL at that! Camille.

  11. like i’ve said before beautiful @——>—— there aren’t any other words.


  12. I see nothing special here, shoes seen on other blogs + dress very boring…
    that’s just my opinion…

  13. lol at the turn this post is going all anonymous people being rude, the girl clearly has style and ingenue, look at her blog close to 140 comments already all saying the exact contrary. LOVE YOUR STYLE Ericka!

  14. lovelove erika! so sweet, so beautiful, and so classy!


  15. 140 comments because she advertised her blog like no other. and because she comments other blogs so people feel the need to comment hers.

    her style isn’t anything special but props to her for putting it out there

  16. beautiful girl and legs!

  17. Would love to see your style Emilee. Oh wait, you probably don’t have one. And what is wrong with commenting back to your fans or blogs you also like/follow?

  18. nothing is wrong with that at all. all i’m saying is her blog isn’t necessarily popular because of her style. go look at her archives, some of it is way too trendy to be called style. aside from that she’s not that bad

  19. What is so trendy? Rumi did the cut-off shorts, Karla does the harem pants. Are you saying that wearing all black is trendy now, too? I find E’s style intriguing and different not trendy, more so creative. C.

  20. To be honest, I think that this Emilee/Annette person is the exact same person. And also sounds very jealous. Stick to your style instead of getting mad at others and their well-deserved popularity. Erika has really upgraded her blog and its photos recently and she looks like a model. Live with it. At least she doesn’t flaunt her free gifts or expensive purchases in her readers’ noses. Like AHEM Karla and her ridiculous shoe debates. And yeah, Rumi gets free stuff but is humble about it. Erika has class and style and a well deserved fan-base. She is one of the prettiest blogger I know! She’ll be a model soon I can feel it. Suck on that Annette/Emilee!!!

  21. good for you then camille. glad you’re so in love with the fashion chalet chick.

  22. I agree that this anonymous person sounds one in the same. I for one find many of the other bloggers out there to be much more trendy and tacky than Erika will ever be.

    Erika is so beautiful and classic. I like how she hops between classic one day to bohemian the next, and makes them all work effortlessly. She’s awesome and super sweet to her huge mass of readers. More than I can say for most bloggers who never reply back to the comments or questions they receive from theirs.

    I find many “popular” blogs that I don’t like. For example, Karla’s is really tacky. Tattoos and Mohawks? Please. What about those fringe pants she always wears? They look like a nightmare. Oh, but that’s style I supposed? She gets the same amount of comments as Erika but more negative comments than actual nice ones confirms my argument to be true. She is tacky.

    And Camille’s and Lulu’s style is a little weird for my taste. But at least they invent new things, I just couldn’t pull them off, because it’s not my taste.

    We all have opinions but at least we don’t have to say them hiding behind a fake and anonymous name!

  23. why is everybody getting all defensive? i have my opinions so deal with it. fyi erika doesn’t get negative comments because she approves the ones she wants on her blog.
    rumi and karla let people write whatever they please because they don’t give a damn about your opinion.

  24. “Emilee” I’ve seen her get negative comments before but they are far and few between. GET OVER YOURSELF.

  25. you win cryystallball. erica is the greatest of them all. have fun kissing her ass

  26. Is this (epic) a new word among bloggers? lol. Either way I agree on the outfit being so. I love the dress and those infamous ankle boots. Aren’t those the Balenciaga (replicas) that Mary-Kate is always tooling around in?

  27. emilee oh wow are you from Simi Valley we all know WHO you are thanks to your IP hmm I wonder who you could be? Somebody sounds threatened….

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