on a Gemma Ward binge!






Love her. That’s all. –SxD

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~ by stardustandsequins on April 18, 2009.

20 Responses to “on a Gemma Ward binge!”

  1. that cover is i n c r e d i b l e!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my gosh, how gorgeous does she look on that numero cover!!!
    I loved that shoot of her in vogue, sooo beautiful!!

  3. the second to last picture was part of the reason i had mini-dreads for two years.
    it’s the cover of an old australian vogue, if i’m correct.



  4. Gemma Ward is Soooo lovely! your blog is one of my daily reads. please check out my blog if you get the chance, i see so many lovely things on your blog that i adore and hope you might find some things on mine you like :)

  5. she is so delicate and yet so rocky!

  6. wow love her
    i love your blog!

    exchange links? i am new in the blogger.world. and want to get more readers…

    love lara

  7. thank you very much!
    you maked a interwies with a blogger right? do you do this offen? so when you want you can make one interview with me…so i can become more readers :)

    love and wow your blog <3

  8. Gemma Ward is fantastic, I think shes my favorite model. Its such a shame she disappeared for so long. I love that Numero cover, shes so stunning on it.

  9. gemma ward is so beautiful.
    and such an incredible model.
    loveee your blog. as always.

  10. tell me you’ve seen Black Balloon.
    she’s in a movie, and she’s GREAT in it. happy viewing.

  11. i’m loving your blog. that fourth photo is like take my breath awaay amazing.

  12. too pretty :)


  13. ommg wish i was as pretty as her :)


  14. […] Gemma Ward – Numero magazine via: hello-babe.com Share and Enjoy: […]

  15. To esta hermoso yo quisiera ser una de todas esa modelos es mi sueño que undia voy a cumplir, le hechare todas mis ganas.

  16. I love Gemma Ward. Beautiful and bold.

  17. god i love that numero cover – i am posting this on my blog and siting you so check out the post ! xx

  18. […] model: Gemma Ward, source: stardustandsequins […]

  19. what a pictures simply great…beatifull

  20. i love this model OMG

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