MK is my favorite Olsen!




MK Olsen from 2007 always one step ahead of any and every trend, dang!!!! –SxD


~ by stardustandsequins on March 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “MK is my favorite Olsen!”

  1. I hate to play favorites, but MK must be my favorite too :]

  2. i think that is the pinkest, pink i have ever seen on any one pair of shoes!


  3. ashley wins for me by a nose but this is one of my favourite olsen looks ever. mary kate looks sexy, fashion forward, amazing. love it.

  4. those are a pair of my favourite shoes she EVER wore. LOVE THEM so much!!!!


  5. love her.

  6. Yeah, wow, she looks fabulous. I want those shoes….and the dress!
    I love your blog :)

    xoxo, mavi

  7. ahhh those fucking shoes!!

  8. ahhh those fucking shoes!!

  9. is it just me or does she look a little like madonna here?

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