Bananas for Breakfast



Bananas for breakfast… OK, I take them: plain, in a smoothie, in my yogurt, on my cereal, with peanut butter or jelly and best of all…. they make an excellent dessert when sliced up into a bowl with sugar and milk!- SxD

PS: Good Morning!!


~ by stardustandsequins on March 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Bananas for Breakfast”

  1. love bananas too…

  2. i love this post! bananas with milk and sugar sounds delish. I love bananas- agreed they’re an awesome snack and give smoothies the best consistency!


  3. yummy lol and I love that dessert my Mom taught it to me when I was little, she still has it nowww :]


  4. her hair is so gorgeous. my hair needs to grow!

    and i love bananas. (;

  5. me too love them for breakfast on the go!

  6. how can u not love bananas !

  7. I love banannas!!!!!!!

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