Balloons for Friday!



I love Balloons and Fridays… and Lily Donaldson + Jessica Stam –SxD



~ by stardustandsequins on March 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “Balloons for Friday!”

  1. Woah. That’s some cool photography.

    Btw, you totally just made me smile super big :D
    And I hope you love LA, omg I hope you see MK!!

  2. I love the balloons and stamy is so hot !!

  3. yeah the photos remind me of Italy or Spain, and then the models with the makeup is so perfectly tied to the Spanish balloons shot in the sky :D

  4. If you do see her, don’t take pictures. You should totally talk to her and buy her coffee and become friends. Yesss I would be insanely jealous though!!

  5. wow! any idea what this picture is from? they’re so beautiful

  6. Just beautiful!!

  7. Awesome picture choices <3

  8. Love the photos….photos of balloon bunches always make me happy (wierd??!!). And the Lily + Jessica shot is perfection!

  9. Jessica is The Perfection!

  10. What a coincidence, the top one of the boy with the balloons is actually from a little movie called El Globo Rojo. It’s absolutely sweet, I can watch it a dozen times. It’s on my blog as I speak. :)

  11. this balloon pic is so cool, reminds me of miss dior chérie by sofia coppola!

  12. wow!!!beautiful girls!!!

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