Interview: Childhood Flames!


Thanks to the cool teen Camille of Childhood Flames for taking the time to fill out my wacky and creative questions!! :-)

-Describe your ‘style’ in one sentence:
My style is constantly evolving and is therefore quite difficult to pin down in a short description, but right now I think my style is mostly about comfort.

-How did you first get into blogging?
I first started photographing my outfits because I like the idea of chronicling the progression of my style. I then started posting those photographs to sites like wardrobe remix and The Fashion Spot where I found other people posting outfit photos had personal blogs aswell. After a couple months of that, I decided to make a blog of my own.

-How long did it take to achieve your online “fan base” and fame? What did you do to get there?
Not sure exactly, maybe 6 months into blogging. I really don’t know how it’s all gotten so big.

-Have you ever been encountered in public by someone who recognized you from your blog? And if so, what happened?
Yup, several times. They’re always really sweet but I’m usually pretty awkward. Haha.

-Where are you from? How would you describe the fashion scene there?
I live in Portland, Oregon. Most Portlanders are pretty comfort motivated in terms of dress but we do have some pretty stylish people in the city.

-How do you manage keeping up with all of the comments you receive? And how do you deal with the rude ones, if any?
All my comments are sent to my e-mail so I read all of them. I usually ignore the rude ones I get. Most of them aren’t worth giving any thought to although they’re incredibly entertaining.

-How does a blogger go from online to print? Newspaper, Magazines… Tips?
No idea.

-Do you ever comment the blogs you like? And which ones do you visit regularly?
I rarely comment on blogs, but occasionally I will. The blogs on my sidebar link list are some of my favorites, but I do follow several more.

-Do you think any of your readers ever get offended by your not commenting them back? Is there a way of letting them know that you still care?
Possibly. I do read and appreciate all- well, most comments I receive and if they have any questions they want answered, they can always e-mail me.

-I just gave you a $50 to American Apparel. Pick an item. Why that one?
Black unitard ( I’ve been wanting a unitard for a while but haven’t yet commited to buying one since it’s such a pain to use the bathroom in onepieces but if it’s free, I’d snap it up. :P

-These 5 songs describe you best. Name them.
Not sure if they describe me best, but they’re the songs I’m currently obsessed with.
Little Bit – Lykke Li
El Scorcho – Weezer
Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Idioteque – Radiohead
White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes

-Your goal and/or reason for blogging is:
To chronicle the evolution of my style and connect with other stylish people around the world.

-You’d like to meet:
Charlotte Gainsbourg

-What do you think of my blog?
It’s great! Lot of inspiring images and I like the interviews you do.

-Favorite word?
I can never think of one when I’m asked this…

-Last words:
Have a fantastic day! :)

~ by stardustandsequins on March 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “Interview: Childhood Flames!”

  1. cute interview! it was so enjoyable to read. i just did an interview, myself. take care, dear :)

  2. Great interview lady! I love that you asked if she answers her comments. It was cool to read that she gets them in her inbox and reads them all :)

  3. Great interview! Really interesting questions and answers. She’s a very stylish girl.

  4. great interview

  5. cute interview. great questions (:

  6. Interesting questions! Great one! xx

  7. She just seems like a really sweet sweet girl. I’m glad that you interviewed her.

  8. lovely interview.

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