Pretty Little Adriana


Adriana Lima is so pretty. I love her even more without makeup. She’s just so beautiful. Naturally. –SxD

I made this out of a photo from Googleimages

~ by stardustandsequins on February 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “Pretty Little Adriana”

  1. aweeee i like her too :)

  2. my, my she is gorgeous. i love her hair.

  3. so pretty,

  4. i like your blog so i added you to my links ok? =)

  5. if only i looked like this with no make up..

  6. this totally could be miranda kerr!! wow, she’s so pretty naturally.

  7. adriana is darn fine but how about Yabuki Haruna from Japan, she’s a total hottie and single too!

  8. I don’t like adriana, she isn’t pretty, she is very bad girl, i prefer gisele bundchen and other girls, than adriana. she is very, very, very bad with or without make up, her “beauty” isn’t classical beauty, its very vulgar, only vulgar! she want always to be sexy and she doesn’ t that to be a sexy, that isn’t be a beautiful, this is only be a vulgar girl

  9. She doesn’t know that to be a sexy, its not to be a pretty, it’s inly be a vulgar girl!!!

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