One Heart. Two Hearts.


My Valentine’s Day breakfast consists of a heart shaped egg omelet and a pink frosted cupcake. Tonight is the partyyyy at my friend Amelie’s! -SxD

Photo Sourced from Flickr.

~ by stardustandsequins on February 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “One Heart. Two Hearts.”

  1. Same to you, Cam. Ohhh what a YUMMY BREAKFAST. mine was Hot Cocoa haha :]

    Plans? Well, a party for tonight with some family and maybe a romantic stroll down by the boutiques and art galleries; street side! and dessert<3


  2. sounds like a pretty awesome breakfast :) have a happy hearts day!

    ♥ R

  3. gorgeous picture!!! Happy valentine’s day lady!

    xx oh and bon appetit!!

  4. HAPPY V-DAY!!!! ^_^

  5. O Happy Day :)

  6. hapve a wonderful evening, happy vday :)

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