Interview: Le Cheap c’est Chic!


Thanks to the talented and innovative Stephanie of “Le Cheap c’est Chic” who sat down to answer some prying questions.

Your age is: I’m 26 years old.

-Tell us why you started blogging? I moved to Toronto last summer and a friend told me she’d introduce me to her friend, Cindy, who knows all the thrifting and vintage ropes in Toronto. She also mentioned that Cindy had a blog about her style. Curious, and never having visited a fashion blog prior, I checked it out and I a) immediately loved it b) immediately thought- why am I not blogging?! This is so cool and I think I could really contribute something solid to the blogging world. So I clicked the “create your blog” link from Cindy’s homepage et voilà! The rest is history, it has changed my life and I’m an addict. lol.

And what keeps you blogging? What keeps me blogging is pure interest. There is so much to see out there! Every time I think I’ve got all the amazing blogs covered, another one comes along and catches me off guard. I love seeing what people the world around have to offer in terms of creativity in layouts and in terms of personal style. It really amazes me. I mean, I consider myself somewhat “old” to be relatively new at blogging and when I think about the younger generation out there blogging alongside me, I’m honestly amazed- you all have so much power within your grasps and I’m really inspired by what you have to offer.
-What do you think makes some blogs out there so popular? So funny cause I was just answering this question for a friend! The popularity of a blog is, in my opinion, intrinsic to the blogger, and to be honest I really don’t know what makes some bloggers just “click” in the fashion/blogging world. I can’t help but think it’s just innate- they were just meant to be trendsetting epic bloggers. And what appeals most to you about them? I’m drawn to their blogs for inspiration, even if I know I can’t pull their look off in the same way, I know I can take an element and make it my own.  Whenever I need outfit inspiration I just click through style blogs and my own folders of archived images from bloggers and I draw inspiration from what they’re wearing. works every time. It’s amazing and I love how ACCESSIBLE it is.

-Who is your favorite model? To be honest, I don’t have a favourite model because models don’t really inspire me. I can much more relate to a blogger’s style than I can to a model’s.  Editorial? I don’t know! There are so many to love. And so many styles. And I’ve never been good at picking just one thing. I guess it depends on the photographer and the magazine. Right now, without listing just one, I’m in love with anything with an edge in terms of the picture-  styling not included. So- anything in W magazine and in i-D. I love i.D so much right now.

-You’re on a train with 3 other bloggers. Who are they? Great question! I often think about how awesome it would be to get all us bloggers in one room! It would be epic, and so much fun! I can’t just pick three! there are so many I’d like to have this opportunity with. But I guess of I HAD to pick three to start with they would be: Erika of Fashion Chalet, and D of Delightful, and it’s tie for Cindy of True North Style and Angéline of News from Fashion. This was SOO HARD to answer: there are personality stipulations to consider in terms of getting a blogger foursome together ;-) What do you discuss? We would definitely discuss blogging! It would be a really cool dynamic to have that conversation in person. And we’d trade shopping secrets and style advice. And I would ask Angéline what path brought her to becoming such a fashion savvy talented illustrator and what a typical day in her life is like.

-I take my Coffee _I don’t. I drink Tea. Tropical Green Tea. Straight up. ;-)_________________

-How impactive do you think blogs are to the Fashion “World” right now? Omgosh it’s unparallaled! I work in the industry and I hear about it all the time PLUS as a blogger, i’m living it first hand. there is so much potential and the reach of such bloggers is incredible. it’s the web- it’s constantly progressive. And it’s moving fast and were definitely keeping up. I once saw this movie on PBS- about Cool-Hunters. I think it was called the Merchants of Cool. I don’t know if such people still exist as such, but if they do, bloggers are definitely on their radar- if not their priority.

-You get to swap places for a day with any celeb. Who is she? Why? I wouldn’t swap places with any celebrity. I’m just fine right where I am. Plus I’m really not comfortable with attention (and I think it’s a big part of today’s celebrity package). But i’m working on getting better at that.

I wish I could meet: ________there are so many people I wish I could meet. The first person that comes to mind is Ashley Olsen- I admire her poise and I love her relentless ambition and work ethic. Go big and go hard. I think she plays by those rules and you see the payoff in the life she’s living. I admire the works she’s done on the Row. Plus I love that she (and Mary-Kate) are such a big cultural phenomenon yet she loves to stay home and away from the paparazzi and under the radar. I would be just like that. I am just like that- minus the paparazzi effect of course ;-) I would also love to meet Gloria from The Beautiful and Damned (F.Scott Fitzgerald) and Sebastian from Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited because I’m entirely fascinated with that era and the lifestyle they lived. I would also love to go back in time and hang out with my step-grandfather, Gerald, who is today a little too elderly to recount his tales. But his past is a veritable Fitzgerald novel of success, women, partying, drinking, and wealth. It would be so great to hear his stories._______

-My 5 favorite blogs to visit each day are: umm, another tough one as I like to visit all my favourite blogs (which are basically listed in my sidebar) every day. I don’t really have five favourites. It’s a collective of favourites and I can’t live without any of them. seriously. BUT if I can’t have them all then I’d only allow myself one and right now I’d have to say it’s Delightful.

-The song I listen to most is: right now it’s Brand New Start by Little Joy. Makes me think of driving around with the roof down in the summertime!

-$5 on iTunes gets me: On Call by Kings of Leon, You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne, Bonafied Lovin by Chromeo, Over and Over by Hot Chip, Gotta Have You by the Weepies

-I wish I was: twenty-one and laid-back

-What do you think about my blog? I love what you’re doing for the blogging collective. We’re all really curious about one another and to have a blogger setting out to shed light on everyone is amazing! It’s like the Proust Questionnaire I so look forward to at the back of every Vanity Fair- only for all the talented bloggers. I love it.

-My favorite word is: I think it would have to be Stellar or Lady. I say lady. a.lot. lol. A while back a co-worker told me she thought my favourite word was annoying because I use tend to use it often. But I kinda hate to admit that as it makes me come across as pessimistic and anyone who knows will tell you I’m anything but that. I don’t know, I guess it’s just my guilty pleasure vocab: I use it readily cause it’s such an versatile

-Brownies or Cookies? Well, in theory cookies. But the thing is I’m sucrose (and lactose) intolerant so I really have to watch the amount of sugar I consume. :-/

-When I wake up I think: about what day it is and what’s in store for the next 24hours. I feel: Tired. Excited for breakfast. I love breakfast- I could spend hours at breakfast: Especially on the weekends when I take my time to make the food and then I sit down with the Sunday Times or the Saturday National Post Weeekend section or the Globe and Mail. And I browse all the blogs with Bloglovin’- that’s really my favourite part!

-Have you ever met someone who recognized you from online before? Definitely not. Am I even at all recognizeable for my blog?! Lol.

-My dream vacation is: A vineyard in Italy or the south of France. A long wooden table under the olive trees. Lots of wine and lots of really good food and amazing company. The women are in summer frocks and barefoot. The men are in slightly opened button down shirts and denim or slacks. And we eat, laugh and talk till the wee hours. Followed by a City. With lots of museums. And a lot of culture. Stylish people. Nice people. Alone time. And opportunities to spend some money on my ever-expanding wardrobe ;-)

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  1. Way to gooooo Stephanie! =]

  2. Thank you Cameron!!


  3. another great read !! I love your questions :)

  4. Congratulations Stephanie!! Wonderful interview xx

  5. Congrats Stephanie! Lovely interview!

  6. Stephanie is so lovely! x

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