Sparkling Sequins, Fringe and a Fedora!



Thank you Erika for letting me use these and for sending them to me. :-)

I emailed her a few days ago telling her how I wanted to profile one of my favorite looks from her blog. It was these photos exactly. Of her wearing black Minnetonkas, sparkly sequins and a fedora. Thanks for the permission. Oh and I found it neat that her favorite color is purple, it’s mine too, after orange. And this just goes to show how good she can pull off the color with that tan and ongoing set of legs.  Lucky.  Lastly, who wouldn’t want her hair? Hands up if you do!!! :-) – SxD

photos sourced from Erika of fashionchalet

~ by stardustandsequins on January 31, 2009.

10 Responses to “Sparkling Sequins, Fringe and a Fedora!”

  1. Ooh nice. I like her hair like you said. My hand is up. :)
    These photos kind of remind me of Britney Spears circa ’05 when she was still thin, cool and happy. But her hair and legs make me think of Katie Holmes, my favorite actress. :) Nice profile!

    I love your blog. In case I ddin’t mention it earlier. :)

  2. It looks great. Thanks for asking me! I love what you had to say about my outfit. You are so wonderful, Cam! Love You! =]


  3. I like her necklace

  4. I adore this photo of Erika!

  5. My favorite color too! I love Erika and her blog! Great photos!

  6. i like to visit her page a lot. nice photo choosings.

  7. Erika’s a doll- love her!

  8. You guys are AMAZINGGGG, thank youuuu! =]

    xxxx love love. kiss kiss!

  9. i adore Erika!
    come and visit me and my boyfriends blog :)

  10. That’s a really cool outfit from Erika. *puts hand up* — I want her hair!!

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