Interview: Le Flassh!


-What is “le flassh” about exactly?

Le Flassh is a blog/website I created that includes pretty much everything that inspires me daily from supermodels to new trends to a brilliant movie I just saw, photography, other blogs I find fabulous and everything in between. It is like my online inspirational diary that I love to share with others that have the same interests.

-How old are you? I just turned 20 at the start of January

-What would you say your favorite color is? I love all colors but on clothes I like black, white and grey the best.

-You just got 5 credits for iTunes. What 5 songs do you download?

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

MGMT – Time to Pretend

Kings of Leon – Sex on fire

The Pussycat Dolls – Top of the world

MGMT – Electric Feel

-Does TV ever inspire you? What? Who?

I don’t really watch much TV as there is nothing ever on but I do watch some shows over the internet that we don’t get here in Australia such as The City and Gossip Girl and those two always inspire me as the cast is always brilliantly dressed.

-Where are you from?

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but moved to Australia when I was 9 years old.

-How long have you been blogging?

It has only been about 4 months but I am loving every minute and hopefully continue to do this as long as I can.

-Quick: Tell me your Daily 10 blog visits!

I use bloglovin’ and I have A LOT of blogs I follow on there and so normally I would visit the ones that have posted new posts that day.

Some include : Knighttcat, Almah, Fashion Toast, This Organized chaos, filthy lust, stompface and leeselooks.

-Favorite non-fashion website. Why?

Youtube!! You can find everything on youtube I normally listen and watch music videos on there or movie trailers, shows, funny videos the list goes on.

-Have you ever been spotted by a “fan” before?

No I haven’t as I live in Adelaide and there are not many people from here that even look through fashion blogs but one girl did come across me on facebook through one of her friends.

-You just found $100 on the floor at the mall. How do you spend it?

Hooray! Haha, right now I would probably go buy myself a great book as I need a new one to indulge in and then with the rest I would look around and see if I can spot anything interesting.

-Favorite car?

Oh I change my mind all the time but I love the GOLF GTI and LEXUS IS F

-Tell me a movie to watch.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I adore that movie so much.

-What do you like to eat for Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

I’m not too big on breakfast so I will have a glass of juice and whatever I can find in the fridge, for lunch I have fish, chicken, salads and dinner I might have a sandwich or something, I also go out to eat often.

-Do you have any rituals/routines?

Only thing I can think of is checking my emails everyday and bloglovin’ for new posts as well as looking for inspiration wherever I am.

-What do you think of bloggers who never comment back?

I think that if someone sends you a comment asking you something it would be the right thing to do and write back to them when you have time but otherwise it is up to you really.

-Have you ever heard of my blog before? What do you think of it?

Yes, I have been following your blog for a while now through bloglovin’ and I think it is brilliant otherwise I wouldn’t be following ;) ;)

-Tell us your name: Dajana =]

-Any last words?
Thank you for interviewing me, your blog is great, keep up the great work and have a fabulous day J

~ by stardustandsequins on January 31, 2009.

5 Responses to “Interview: Le Flassh!”

  1. so good!

  2. Ohhh lovely interview. She is an amazing lady.


  3. I love Le flassh and these interview posts!! XOXO

  4. I never knew her name…I love it so much, I’m gonna write it down on my future-kids-name-list.

  5. You know its funny. I had clicked on the link first, then read the interview. But like I said before, your interviews are one of my favorite things on your blog. :D

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