Interview: Filthy Lust!


Natalie of Filthy Lust took the time to answer my Questionnaire. I’m happy to have her as a part of my ongoing Interview collections. Thank you!! :-)


-How old are you?
I am nineteen years old, twenty in a couple of months.

-When did you first start blogging?

Believe it or not, only about three weeks ago, january 13 to be precise.

-Quick: name 4 bloggers you’d like to meet in real life:

Hmm, bleach black, knight cat, nat the bat, le flassh (pretty obvious ones)

-Favorite item of clothing you own?

At the moment I am living in denim shorts because of the heat, so they’re at the top of my list and probably my sass and bide black rats because you can just chuck them on with a long t-shirt and you are ready to go out.

-Recommend 4 songs for me to download:

bon iver – blood bank
plushgun – just impolite
bloc part – blue light
friendly fires – jump in the pool

-Camouflage prints. Yes or No?

Hmm, leaning towards no, but it really depends on the style of the print and what it is being used on.

-OK, you just won $500 bones. How do you spend it?

Tough one, I’d probably go browsing until I found something I really wanted or hit up

-Favorite thing about blogging?
Being able to record significant things that happened on a day and posting pictures I love, that I can always come back and look at.

-The last dream I remember having was:

Totally random, but I was telling some guy I liked the outtakes of his film because they were funny. No idea what that is about haha.

-What do you think about my blog?

I love the pictures you use on your blog, also obviously the questionnaires you get other bloggers to do!

-Who inspires you the most?

Way too many to list, I am constantly inspired everyday, and not just by people, but by surroundings etc etc.

-What impact does blogging have on your everyday life?

haha! I am always coming online to check out the blogs of those I follow.

-What impact do the other fashion blogs have on you?

A lot of the time it just makes me think really differently about my own approach to fashion, they also influence me to try new things and think outside the box!

-Favorite movie? Tell me why I should see it.

I’ve never had an all time favourite movie, but I really enjoy watching movies from the 50’s and 60’s, such as Spledour in the Grass and Rear Window.

-The best snack is: fruit.

-My celebrity crush is on: at the moment, james franco + jethro cave.

-Right now I want to buy:

A new pair of heels, haven’t found any I really liked though + lots of good novels, I am trying to build my collection (suggestions welcomed).


~ by stardustandsequins on January 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Interview: Filthy Lust!”

  1. nat is amazing.
    great interview.

  2. Haha I wish it was you too :]
    And I will most definitely scan away. But don’t tell Erika, because her’s is a secret!!!

  3. Another cool interview. Nice job.

  4. This is so fabulous!


  5. very nice. she has a nice blog.

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