abbey lee kershaw


acid wash tsubis


isabelle mcnally



~ by stardustandsequins on January 10, 2009.

9 Responses to “Perfect”

  1. Haha thx, total cool. Your blog is one of the most amazing style photo blog!! And the Olsens Twin is my favorite. Love it when you post about them. <3

  2. im loving the first picture.

  3. I love this shoot with Abbey. Hoorah for Aussie Talent haha
    Isabelle Mcnally is such a vixen i love her too

  4. I like the acid wash jeans. Who would have guessed those could make a comeback.

  5. Love the ksubis…not sure if that is Isabelle though? looks slightly different?

  6. Beautiful model! see also video with Abbey Lee Kershaw Flora by Gucci

  7. LOVE the acid wash denim!
    But, tis not Isabelle in the last photo. Can’t be. Isabelle is shorter than this gal, and looks nothing like her. Large eyes, full lips. Isabelle is much more exotic looking than the gal in the photo. Though she is beautiful, Isabelle Mcnally she is not.

  8. isabelle is not exotic she is the long lost triplet of the olsen twins

  9. love abbey lee

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