Night Class



Not all its cracked up to be, but at least MK influenced me to match my worn black leggings with some even more worn-in black ankle boots a white burnout scarf, white tee and a fuzzy beanie from h&m. I added some black Madonnaesque bangles as well. -SxD


~ by stardustandsequins on January 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Night Class”

  1. The vintage ones in the middle pic, you mean? Yeah I want to wear them again a new way. THANK YOU. Hey, these MK pics are wicked, thanks for sharing. My heart beats fast for those Balenciaga booties!!! Oh and have fun at class, write down ideas for the blog, that’s what I do when I’m somewhere that is really, really boring. ;)

    PS: Your outfit sounds hot! <3

    xx Fash. C!!

  2. I love love LOVE her boots!!!

  3. wow, I love these pictures. She looks so amazing!

  4. Oh she looks so good!

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