Interview: Taghrid!


Thanks to Taghrid for taking the time to fill out my interview. :-)

Is there anyone or anything in particular that influences your daily style?Everything influences my style really anything from other people,magazines, art, my mood, the weather, shoes. I like to draw alot of inspiration from my environment and people around me.

Quick: Name other bloggers you’ve met in person. Any you’d like to meet? Lucrecia,Kristin & Val,Raych, Helen & Linda from chictopia, all of whom are fantastic people. I really would love to meet any other blogger. Us internet fashionistas have to stick together! LOL
Do your parents support your love of fashion and your blog? They definitely support me, but they are kind of old fashioned and don’t really understand the whole thing or why I do it.
Favorite foreign films? Recommend 3 to see! Oh no there are so many! My top three favorites are: The Diving Bell & the Butterfly, The Kite Runner, Captain Abu Raed.

-On my iPod these 5 are on repeat:(artists) Bat for Lashes, Metallica, System of a Down, Blonde Redhead, Adele. Weird mix I know. But I just made a giant mix of reader recommendations that I’ve also been listening to, and I can definitely spot some favorites already.

My favorite pair of shoes (that I own) are: Newport News studded lace up  platforms. Best $49 I ever spent.
-Quick: You just won a $300 shopping spree at American Apparel! What do you buy? Double U-Neck Long sleeve mini, dressUnisex oversized see thru tshirt, California Fleece Cape, Zipper Front body suit in every color/pattern ( I already have 3 of them), Zoe split sunglass. And I would stock up on my favorite underwear: Baby rib men’s brief.
-If you could kiss anyone who would it be? My boyfriend Fez.
-Do you work? Where? What? Yep, I am the art director/graphic designer for a small golf company. I am also have a few side projects designing accessories and a new jewelery line to be launched in 2009 which I’m pretty excited about.
-Are you studying? What’s your Major? I graduated in May 08 with a Business Law degree
-Best live concert you’ve ever been to? Rise Against at the Wiltern in october of 07. Rilo Kiley at the santa monica civic center 10/08 was really really good too.
-Favorite meal to prepare/eat? Fajitas or pasta

-What’s your ethnicity? I was born & raised in Tripoli, Lebanon. I moved to the US about 10 years ago.

-Do you speak any other languages? Arabic, a bit of spanish, and i’m learning french!
-How did you get on Street Since its really such a good idea, I talked with one of the mods and requested to be added. I browse on there for hours to kill time.  It’s so easy to see all my favorites, and I’m happy to be part of it.
-How does one become a Chictopia icon? I made real friends and true connections with a lot of the girls on there so I guess that helped publicize me more and eventually the number of “fans” reached the amount needed to be a style icon.

-Favorite TV Show? I can’t pick just one. Weeds, The Office, SATC, Top Chef. Recently I’ve been disgustingly addicted to The Real Housewives of _________. All versions of the show are equally hilarious and gross and they totally make me feel like a normal person.

-What do you think of my blog? I really like the mix of inspirational photos and videos because its not just a hodgepodge of random stuff. LOVE IT!
-MySpace muse! Congrats! Any tips on how to become one? Did they email you? I have no clue, they contacted me randomly. I guess the tip I have would be just put out quality photos and content on your blog and people will take notice.
-Does blogging make you feel famous? Not at all, and the thought of being famous really scares me.
-Have you ever met a “fan” in person? No, but that would be a funny encounter.

-Favorite snack? Trader Joes Parmesan bread sticks, I munch on those all the time.

-What does your name mean? In Arabic it means the singing/sounds of the birds.
-Does your sister have a blog? Not a fashion blog, I think she’s a little too young for that just yet. But she has a blog where she writes all her poetry & stories.
-Plan on making anymore videos? Yes, that is my new years resolution for my blog.  I just never really have anything to talk about, but I will make a bigger effort to vlog a few times in the month.
-Do your friends know about/visit your blog? For a while no one knew about my blog, not even my boyfriend, because I was really self conscience and wanted it to be separate from my real life. Eventually I got more confident with it and now everyone knows and a few read it.

xo, Taghrid

~ by stardustandsequins on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Interview: Taghrid!”

  1. i love her blog too :)

  2. what a wonderful little interview!

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